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We’ve Moved! Same Trust, Different Location

Same Trust, Different Location

We moved. The South Kilburn Trust (SKT) is now officially based at The Granville. The move comes after the completion of the refurbishment of the two top floors of The Granville which have kick-started plans to transform the community building into a purpose-built Enterprise Hub and Community Space.

It’s still ‘business as usual’; SKT projects and services continue with temporary changes to some of their locations. It’s also ‘business as usual’ for existing neighbours; Barnardo’s Children’s Centre and Granville Plus Nursery School as they continue to operate next door.

While building work continues, Granville Community Kitchen and the Otherwise Club will temporarily operate in different locations around South Kilburn, including the Carlton Centre and William Dunbar Tenants Hall.

The South Kilburn Studios tenants will eventually move into the Enterprise Hub in early 2018.

Mark Allan, South Kilburn Trust Chief Executive said, “Our move to The Granville is the first part of our plan to create a multi-purpose space in The Granville open to everyone in the local community – we’ve unpacked and are starting to settle into our new home.

“Although for now the Trust’s services will operate from various venues in the community, due to the refurbishment works still taking place on the ground floors, this move will enable us to physically be based in the heart of the community – which is very important to us – before the new-look Granville officially opens in spring 2018. This is a very exciting time for the South Kilburn Trust and we can’t wait to finally see The Granville come to life again.”

Plans for the new venue include a much-needed Enterprise Hub for local entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations, in addition to a purpose-built community space for residents that will include three large flexible spaces for hire, an open public space, a café and increased access to the garden.

South Kilburn Trust’s new address is: South Kilburn Trust, The Granville, Carlton Vale NW6 5HE.

If you would like to find out more, you can come and visit the Trust at The Granville. Alternatively, call 0207 328 1199 or email hello@southkilburntrust.org for more information.

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