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Barry Lee: “I’ve been attending the physio sessions given by Maree, organised by the South Kilburn Walking Group, which has helped me improve both my balance and posture, and reduced my back strain. I’ve also been walking on Saturdays with this group and because of this my mental health has improved and my feelings of isolation have reduced. I have become fond of this group, often having a chat and coffee after our walks. This is so important to me because I have no family or many people that I can interact with socially. I feel included and it has inspired me to write more poetry.”

“It’s All About Making A Difference By Giving Back”

South Kilburn (SK) Family Fun Day ambassador, MC extraordinaire and community champion…these are just some of the things that South Kilburn resident, David Ellison is to local people. Affectionately known to the community as ‘TC’, David’s unwavering love for his community has firmly positioned him as not only a positive role model in South Kilburn, but a living and breathing definition of ‘community spirit’. We caught up with him to learn more about what fuels his passion and commitment to South Kilburn and how he has worked with the Trust over the years to bring his vision for the community to life.

David first engaged the Trust when he saw an advert for the South Kilburn Family Festival in 2015. Naturally, he responded – he wanted to get involved and help out. Sometime later he heard about the Festival committee. With the motivation of ‘making a difference’ and ‘giving back’ to the community that supported him through the loss of his mother, he decided to lend his strong ties with the community and local knowledge to the Festival by joining the Committee.

“I got involved because I wanted to give back as the community has always done a lot for me. It is all about making a difference by giving back. When you start giving back, hopefully people also follow the same example”, says David.

For David, it is not just about giving back, he has an eager interest to form links with organisations in South Kilburn and the community, South Kilburn Trust in particular. He knows all too well that without two-way communication, projects and services cannot affect change, and for David this is something that the SK Family Festival does very well.

“I think we need to maintain links by informing and re-engaging with the people. From my point of view this is the only time that the Trust and the people are actually really talking to each other on a holistic level,” he says.

Through David’s involvement in what has become a South Kilburn tradition – the SK Family Fun Day – he reminds us that an event like this is an important part of community life for many residents, one that is vital in shaping new relationships and a true sense of community.

“On the festival day, it was a great pleasure for me to see so many local people come out and enjoy themselves. It was a great way to meet new people,” says David.

David’s involvement is not only about creating a link between the Trust and the community, it is also about exploring the opportunities available for local people to gain valuable experience and skills by involving them in the planning, coordination and delivery of something for their community.

“My confidence has been growing and I thank the Trust for believing in me enough to give me the opportunity to host our Family Festival…it’s been a learning curve for me; learning how organisations work, punctuality, how to carry yourself in a meeting, how to get information to the wider community, developing community work skills on both sides of the divide. These are skills you just don’t get every day”, says David.

What is very powerful about David’s story is that it demonstrates that in order to improve the community we must start getting involved, giving back and creating opportunities to come together.

We work with local people who are giving back in many ways, David is just one of them. We always welcome opportunities to work with the community.

To get involved, volunteer or talk about the ways that you can help the community, email hello@southkilburntrust.org.

South Kilburn Trust Family Fun Day Brings Bank Holiday Fun to South Kilburn

Hundreds of people flocked to the Granville Centre over the bank holiday weekend to celebrate South Kilburn’s cultural diversity and community spirit at the South Kilburn Trust’s (SKT) annual South Kilburn Family Fun Day.

The event, which took place on Saturday 26th August, was held at the much-loved Granville Centre for the very first time, transforming the community space into a sun-soaked wonderland with fabulous entertainment, food and games for all the family.

The event has been hailed a tremendous success by the community with many people commenting that the day was a perfect lead up to the carnival weekend, setting a high spirited tone to the bank holiday and also reinforcing the positive message of community.

Guests commended the warm and intimate nature of the event as an opportunity to engage with local residents and neighbours and make new friends. Local resident, Beatriz Sanchez commented, “I’ve really enjoyed the event, it’s been great to mingle and meet new people. I think it’s really important to have events like this, I just wish they would happen more often.”

South Kilburn Trust Chief Executive, Mark Allan, said, “We look forward to this day every year. Not only is it a fun day, it’s also a unique opportunity for people to engage with other people from the community from different backgrounds and to get to know them better. The move from the Carlton Vale Open Space has worked very well and the feedback has been amazing. It was great to see The Granville being used in this way. We hope that the event generated some great memories that will stay with people for many years to come”.

Activities included giant size games, irresistible food and refreshments including jerk chicken, a range of interactive activities and raffle prize draw. To the amazement of the children attending, the main hall of the Granville Centre housed a range of inflatable activities such as a climbing wall, sumo wrestling suits and a giant bouncy castle.

Seven year-old Adam Ibrahim from South Kilburn said, “This is the best place ever! I rate it five stars.”

The achievements of the young people who took part in the Trust’s Youth Summer Programme were also highlighted with a presentation of certificates to attendees. In addition, founders of Granville Community Kitchen, Dee Woods and Leslie Barson were also recognised for their work at the Granville Centre over the years with a flower presentation by South Kilburn Trust CEO, Mark Allan.

Event highlights also included; local popular music band the The Friendship Quartet, Kloga dance, and South Kilburn based dance groups Josephine’s African Dance and Drum Studio and South Kilburn Fun Day regulars, The Talbot Dancers, while the ‘Tree of Life’ – a tree in the Granville Centre garden – prompted guests to write positive messages, hopes and aspirations about South Kilburn which were then placed on the branches of the tree and will remain there.

The South Kilburn Family Fun Day was supported by Network Homes, London Graphics and K2K Radio.

The Granville Centre will be developed into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space over the next year as part of the Trust’s redevelopment plan for the Centre. It will also serve as the new home of the South Kilburn Trust. For more information visit: http://www.southkilburnnw6.london/hub.

For more information and to keep up-to-date with developments email hello@southkilburntrust.org or call 020 7328 1199.

Follow South Kilburn Trust on twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; @southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news.

Developing the Granville – Enterprise Hub and Community Space Update

Since announcing that South Kilburn Trust in partnership with Brent Council had secured funding to develop the Granville Centre into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space, we have held two well-attended consultation events in partnership with Brent Council and the project architects, RCKA.

At the first event on the 24th May, we gathered as much feedback, ideas and suggestions from residents, local organisations and businesses to help us shape the development plans for the building – this event went very well. The ideas gathered from this event were all carefully considered taking into account their feasibility.

Some of the ideas were then presented to the community at the You Said/We Did event that was held on the 14th June. RCKA presented how your ideas and comments on the proposals for the space had been incorporated into the plans for the design and layout of the building, and we received further feedback about what was proposed. We are now working with RCKA to finalise plans based on the feedback that was provided at this event.

We know that not everyone was able to make it to both events, but we know it is important that we involve the community, as much as possible, in the decision making process and share plans with everyone. Here are the exhibitions boards that were on display at the last You Said / We Did event.


We aim to keep you informed of the progress at every step of the development, you can sign up to our newsletter by emailing comms@southkilburntrust.org and by following us on our social media platforms to stay up to date with the developments. You can also check out our Enterprise Hub page and the Connect SK in Brief Update.

If you have any questions about the project please email hello@southkilburntrust.org.uk or call 020 7328 1199. If you are interested in the hiring a business place, please contact us.


Community Come Together to Shape the Future of Granville

Scores of South Kilburn residents, local organisations and businesses flooded the Granville Centre to hear about the plans to develop the facility into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space. The consultation event, which took place at the Granville Centre from 2pm-8pm on the 24th May, successfully captured the opinions of local people about the proposed plans and facilitated the exchange of ideas about how the space will be used, look and feel.


The event held by Brent Council, South Kilburn Trust (The Partnership) and architects RCKa, showcased visuals of the plans, whilst a walk and talk through the proposed business space gave attendees a real sense and feel of the proposals. RCKa architects were on hand to give one-to-one Q & A sessions and engaged attendees in a variety of practical activities that got their creative juices flowing.


Chief Executive of the South Kilburn Trust, Mark Allan said, “The proposed plans for the Enterprise Hub and Community Space were generally met with positivity with many local people expressing excitement about the centre being brought back to life. There was also a lot of enthusiasm about the opportunities that will become available to the wider community as a direct result of the redevelopment.


“We are very pleased that the community took the time out to attend this significant event and contributed so passionately to proposals – we hope that there will be even more excitement once the refurbishment is brought to completion and the community see some of their ideas come to life.”

Richard Barrett, Brent Council’s Head of Estates Regeneration, said, “We are very pleased with the turnout for the consultation event. The transformation of the Granville Centre into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space will create much – needed long term opportunities in the area, which will not only boost the local economy but also highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of South Kilburn.


“Information gathered from the consultation will be presented to the project board to in turn inform various aspects of the Granville Centre design. Local people that didn’t attend the event but still wish to view the plans and have their say can do so by visiting the consultation website up until the 2nd of June. The Partnership would like to thank everyone that attended the event, your support and insights have been invaluable.”


The plans for the Granville Centre come after a successful joint bid by South Kilburn Trust and Brent Council to the Greater London Authority (GLA) for a grant of £749,058 to maximise the workspace and maintain community use. The refurbishment will make the Granville Centre more accessible for disabled people, as well as create new opportunities for training and employment for local people, something at the heart of our objectives to support the long-term positive change in South Kilburn.


The exhibition boards detailing the proposals can be viewed and commented on online at: http://granville.rcka.co.uk


For more information about the development of the Enterprise Hub and Community Space visit: http://www.southkilburnnw6.london/hub