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Case Study: Community

Barry Lee: “I’ve been attending the physio sessions given by Maree, organised by the South Kilburn Walking Group, which has helped me improve both my balance and posture, and reduced my back strain. I’ve also been walking on Saturdays with this group and because of this my mental health has improved and my feelings of isolation have reduced. I have become fond of this group, often having a chat and coffee after our walks. This is so important to me because I have no family or many people that I can interact with socially. I feel included and it has inspired me to write more poetry.”

Saime Khanom

“At first I was anxious to talk to someone about my difficulties finding a job. But since meeting Verena from the Employment team, the support I have received from her has given me a lot of confidence. My CV looks much better, I am getting more replies, I’m getting interviews and now I’m in a work placement.”

Case Study: Employment

Ibrahim Ali: “With self-belief and the right help, things can be done! This is what South Kilburn Trust did for me. At a time when I was not finding a job, the Trust helped me to build my confidence and self-belief. With their hard work and dedication, looking at and editing my CV, searching for jobs and arranging interviews on my behalf, I found a job. I always felt that they cared about me, you see and feel it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”

Case Study: Enterprise

Michelle Bailey: “As an entrepreneur, it’s so valuable to get support and advice from people who know what they are talking about. The South Kilburn Trust, through their advisors and programmes, have done exactly that. Their support has played an instrumental part in steering me in the right direction and growing my business. Without the studio space they provided I would not have been able to realise the growth and expansion I’ve had since I started. The £1000 award from the pitching event helped me to fund a trip to my suppliers and place my first order. As a small start-up it is nothing short of life-changing to find an organisation like the Trust that gives real, valuable support in the many ways it has done for me.”