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Smart Summer Shoes – Local Entrepreneur Launches Innovative Shoe Collection

Michelle Bailey with one of her creations

The South Kilburn Trust (SKT) proudly champions the growth and support of local business and enterprise, so we are particularly proud to see that one of our very own entrepreneurs is stepping into the spotlight and is on a very promising path to a successful business.


Meet Beach Society, a new luxury footwear brand founded by local entrepreneur and South Kilburn Studios tenant, Michelle Bailey. This year, Michelle has launched a range of unique wedged summer shoes that are not only stylish but practical too. Inside each shoe there is a cleverly designed and beautifully concealed compartment perfect for keeping credit cards, lipsticks and jewellery. What’s more, the straps come with five interchangeable styles that allow you to change your look without having to buy another pair. Very clever.


“I came up with the idea whilst on holiday,” says Michelle, whose personal experience and love of style is the driving force behind her creation; Michelle struggled to find a stylish high-heeled wedge when she was going on holiday and she knows all too well the price of carrying too many shoes when travelling – this was the springboard for the idea of Beach Society.


Michelle has put a lot of thought into her design by not only making the shoes cost-effective but also safe to wear. “When we designed the shoes we wanted to make them safe to wear by the pool and on boats, so we used Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) for maximum comfort and support. This material is also environmentally friendly and is anti-slip,” says Michelle.


The sophisticated design of Michelle’s shoes will add a touch of French Rivera elegance to any outfit but the prize is the ability to add to your height and keep your cards and lipstick secure, making Beach Society wedges a wise purchase for any style enthusiast. The first Beach Society wedges will feature up to fifteen customisable designs and offer the opportunity for fashionista’s to create exclusive custom designs.

“We are the only company that designs wedges with a hidden compartment and interchangeable straps. Our shoes actually save you money as one pair will buy you several different looks. We also custom-make straps upon request. The hidden compartment is an added bonus. It’s all too easy to lose your jewellery in the water and also to thieves’s who target your belongings. Our shoes are not a wall safe but thieves are more likely to target your bag than your shoes,” says Michelle.


Starting a business has never been easy but with the support of the South Kilburn Trust, who provided Michelle with studio space at the Trust run South Kilburn Studios, Michelle has been able to successfully start her own fashion business.


“Without the support of SKT I would have to work from home. Working alongside other creative businesses is also a benefit”, she adds.


Michelle has also worked with the Trust’s resident Enterprise Advisor, Chris Rayner, who has guided her on her venture. When asked what her top tip was for someone with an idea they want to turn into a business, Michelle said: “Go for it. I know it sounds like a cliché, and believe me it is easier said than done, but in the end what’s the worst that can happen?”


Congratulations Michelle!


You can buy the new Beach Society collection at www.coconautical.com and order now! Follow Beach Society on twitter @BeachSociety for the latest news.


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