Live Local, Learn Local, Work Local

February 8, 2021

Many of us working from home are successfully getting some types of work done remotely and over video. But many of us are missing the intrinsic human experience of working together, face-to-face, in spaces that were designed specifically to foster creativity, agility and innovation that organisations need to be truly productive and grow.

After months working apart, many people now say the main reason they want to come back to a workplace is to be with other people, socialise and collaborate in ways that just aren’t possible remotely. That’s why a diverse range of spaces that support these work modes, and collaboration in particular, will not go away. What’s more, they are likely to be even more desired. But they will have to evolve now and for the near future to meet the new requirements of the post-COVID workplace.

What will work for you when we’re through to the other side of this? We’re keen to hear from you!

Live Local, Learn Local, Work Local.

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