April 16, 2021

The Swan Song Project invites you to join us for our wonderful online singing group.

These sessions are a time for you to relax, breathe and sing. Bring a cuppa, join us in zoom and experience group singing online. These sessions will be hosted by Swan Song Founder Ben Buddy Slack and facilitated by Affiliate Artist Jess Baker. Jess has a wide selection of beautiful songs and will teach each part before putting all the parts together using a loop pedal. This term will also involve some guest singing leaders.

Each session will start with vocal warm-ups and then a handful of harmony songs will follow. Jess will teach each part and then put them together live, through the magic of loop pedal (so you can hear all the parts together). Through working in this way you get to learn each part; which is a valuable exercise in ear-training and building musicality. It also means you can choose the part that feels most comfortable for your voice.

For the singing you will be muted so you can sing your socks off (your neighbours/pets/local wildlife will be the ones who will have the gift of hearing your voice!). Latency issues with Zoom make it impossible for us all to hear each other in time. On the plus side, if you are nervous about singing, these sessions are a brilliant way of building your confidence. You can have your video on or off, you can even just come along and listen if you wish to.

The sessions will take place on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm starting on April 15th and running until June 17th. There will be no session on 3rd June for half term.

There is no cost for the sessions although we would ask you to consider making a donation to the charity if you are in a position to do so. Donations can be made at www.swansongproject.co.uk/donate.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Ben at Ben@swansongproject.co.uk

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