Frequently asked questions

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Not quite sure?

  • What’s happening to The Granville?

    An opportunity came along with Brent Council to access funding from the Mayor of London aimed at redeveloping old buildings into spaces suitable for use by organisations and small businesses. We were successful with this funding. This is now being spent on renovating mainly the inside of The Granville, which is in much need of repair. The Granville was being used for various community and youth services for many years, but recently this reduced to two community organisations, so this funding will open up The Granville to much wider local use.

    Once complete, we will have a high quality space in a fantastic, much moved old building, which we aim to ensure local people and visitors to South Kilburn make full use of the space.

  • Why is the South Kilburn Trust doing this?

    We have always understood from local people that as part of the regeneration they would like to make sure there are spaces for community use, and for local organisations and businesses. Whether it’s a resident, business, a local organisation or group; without such space it means that if a resident wants a space for their business or an event, or organisations and groups want to run an activity or project, they don’t have anywhere suitable to use.

    So the reason the South Kilburn Trust is so focused on making The Granville a high quality, multi-purpose building is to make sure all these things can happen - and that they can happen in the long term.

  • When will The Granville reopen?

    The Granville is currently undergoing refurbishment works which are due to finish in March 2018.  The Granville will open at the end of March/early April 2018. 

  • When will the Community Meeting Rooms be available to book?

    Bookings can be taken from January 2018 for use of the spaces from May 2018.

  • What days are the Community facilities available for bookings?

    The community space can be booked Monday to Sunday. 

    Please contact the Hub Manager for details on 07967 330 039 or email

  • How do I book the use of the venue facilities and what is the cost?

    Please call the Hub Manager on 07967 330 039 or email

  • When will the Enterprise Hub be available to use?

    Spaces are being allocated now and will be available to use from March/April 2018.

  • How do I register my interest in a space at the Hub or apply for a space?

    You can contact the Hub Manager on 07967 330 039 or email

  • What is a Part Open Studio Space?

    We have studio spaces of varying sizes. A Part Open Studio Space includes walls and has no door. The studios are located within a secure area of the building.

  • What is an Enclosed Studio Space?

    Two studio spaces with a door.

  • What is a Dedicated Desk Space?

    We have eight dedicated desk spaces. These desks belong to the person renting them. You can leave your personal effects on the desk allocated to you as this desk will be for your personal use during the term of your contract.

  • Is a contract provided and how long is it for?

    A contract is provided and is for a minimum of three months.

  • How much is the membership?

    The cost of the membership depends on the membership option you go for. For example, Dedicated Desk, Enclosed Studio, Part Open Studio or Hot Desk. The price of the Studio Space is at a cost depending on the dimension/size per square feet.

    The Studio Spaces are not the same size. Please refer to The Granville Hub User Price List/The Offer.

  • How do I pay for membership?

    By bank transfer. Organisations are encouraged to set up a standing order.

  • What does the membership include?

    For membership for the Part Open Studio, Enclosed Studio and Dedicated Desk you will be entitled to discounted meeting room rates, discounted advertising on the digital noticeboard and discounted charges at the café. You will also have access to a locker for storage and post, monthly support with an Enterprise Adviser and the opportunity to provide community give back.

  • What is the internet like?

    The Granville will have excellent superfast internet.

  • What time can I access The Granville Hub?

    You can access the Hub from Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm. These days/hours will be reviewed and are subject to change depending on demand.

  • How often do I see the Enterprise Advisor?

    As part of the Studio Space or Dedicated Desk User package you will have access to monthly support from an Enterprise Advisor. Your advisor will provide practical support to help you develop your enterprise/organisation.

  • What time are SKT staff available on site to provide support?

    The reception is staffed Monday to Friday from 9am to 10pm.

  • Can I use the address for mail/post?

    Yes, if you have a Studio Space or Dedicated Desk contract.

  • Is there a photocopy machine?

    Yes. There is a cost per sheet depending on whether black or colour, and size of paper (A4 or A3).

  • Do you have a kitchen and can I bring food?

    As a Studio Space or Dedicated Desk User you will have use of the kitchenette with access to a kettle and microwave. 

  • What time is the onsite café open?

    The café hours will be reviewed and may change, subject to demand. Currently the café will be open on Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm.

  • Is there storage for things and a bike?

    Studio Space users will be provided with a locker. There is also limited bike storage.

  • Is the space secure?

    Yes, we have CCTV and an entry door system. The main workspace area will be secure in that only tenants who have signed up to be tenants will have access to this space. 

  • Do you allow pets in the building?

    Generally no but guide/support dogs will be allowed.

  • Can I try the space out?

    Yes, contact the Hub Manager on or 07967 330 039 for details.

If you still have a question, please get in touch with us!