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Communi-Tea, Making an Impact at Your Granville

The Trust this week launches its mini impact report focused on some of the key highlights of the last year. The report is aimed at local residents and will be delivered to every home in South Kilburn and to all of our key partners and stakeholders and presented at a community event in June. 

Mark Allan, Chief Executive says “It’s amazing how time flies and here we are celebrating one year of the re-opening or The Granville. Our aim was to open up The Granville to local people, local organisations  and local entrepreneurs and that’s what we’ve done. Thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen”. 

The South Kilburn Trust offers space for start-up and growing enterprises, space for community services and activities and space for people and organisations to hold their events. The Trust has a subsidised packaged for local people starting a new enterprise, and rooms from £2.50 per hour for community groups. The aim is to make the building accessible to everyone. 

Mary Arnold, Trustee and long time community champion, says “It’s been an amazing year. But we want to do more and really make sure The Granville is used by everyone. We are holding a Communi-Tea on the 12th June and it will be an opportunity for anyone who hasn’t met the Trustees to come and chat to us about what else we should be doing. And there will be lots of tea and cake!” 

The Communi-Tea is open to everyone of all ages, and will be at The Granville on 12th June from 3.30pm to 7pm with free (please check time and date and add in what’s on offer). 

To see the report please click here. 

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Mark Allan
Chief Executive
South Kilburn Trust