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The Granville was built in 1877 and was remodelled in 1908 to include the Main Hall. By 1927 there was a hive of activities run by the St Johns Wood Presbyterian Church such as ‘Mothers Meetings’, ‘Play Hours’ and ‘training classes for teachers’.

Then in 1957, the building was sold to what is now Brent Council. Since then, it has continued to be run as a community centre: from youth services and weddings to community events and services, the venue has played a role in the lives of many local people.

In August 2017, South Kilburn Trust took over the building’s management and in partnership with Brent Council and Greater London Authority carried out extensive refurbishments of the building. In May 2018, its doors were reopened to the community with a series of events over the course of a Grand Opening week.

The vision for The Granville is to remain a facility dedicated to serving the people of South Kilburn. The building houses a number of offers to the community and South Kilburn Trust continues to listen to the community to find more ways to expand this offer.

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Join us on our journey to see where we started and how far we’ve come – The Granville Journey

South Kilburn Studios continues at The Granville

Many people will know South Kilburn Studios as the original home for local start-up businesses and organisations, offering ‘giveback’ to the local community. Tenants at the Studios pledged to deliver traineeships, events, workshops or commercial time in lieu of market-rate rent to support the local area and its people. South Kilburn Studios has now re-located and is a part of The Granville. Our model of giving support to start-ups in exchange for local ‘giveback’ to the community remains, and many of the Studios tenants are among the first tenants of The Granville.

Interesting Granville Facts

Mr Galbraith opened the new wing of The Granville building and his name is on the stone laid by him on Granville Road to commemorate the build – look out for it.

The names of the people that are currently in the main hall that are remembered are all members of the St John’s Wood Presbyterian Church who died in the First World War.

These are some of the activities that went on in the Mission in 1927 taken from their listings.

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